Yes. This tax number (AFM) is mandatory for all property buyers, including foreigners and permanent residents abroad. It is issued on the spot at tax offices. All applicants must present their international passport. Our solicitor she can apply for an AFM on your behalf.

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English is a mandatory subject at school in Greece so you don’t need to speak any Greek at all, but it’s always nice to learn a word or two. Try remembering Yiasou, as it means hello, good bye, bless you and cheers!

Yes, we provide plots of land and provide a full design and build service. This is very straightforward and before you make any decision, you can see other previously built properties, meet happy customers and get a fixed price which is payable in predefined stages.

Yes, our company renders this type of service. We can help you find a tenant willing to rent your property which guarantees you a constant income while you live outside Greece.

Lawyer’s fee

The fee depends on the agreement you make, but usually starts from 1% for values up to 44.000€, reduced to 0.5% for a value of over 44.000€ up to 1.407.000€. The legal control of the property titles charged additionally, usually its around 250€.

Notarial expenses

The notary’s fee starts from 1% for values up to 120.000€, reduced to 0.7% for a value of over 120.000€ up to 380.000€ and drops to 0.65% if the value stated in the contract exceeds 380.000€ and is up to 2.000.000€. On the notary’s fee, VAT 24% is added, and buyer will be asked to pay an additional amount for each page of the contract (usually 4€ per page).

Purchase tax

This tax is paid to the tax office and is equal to 3% of the contract value. When it comes to first transfer of the property, for secondary residence, with construction permit is from 01/01/2005, the buyer is charged 24% VAT. In all other cases applies the conveyance tax of 3%.

Registration fees in the Land Registry

The registration fee of the contract to the Land Registry is 0.475% of the value of the property. In addition, an amount equal to 0.125% of the property value is paid for the Legal Fund.

Real estate agent expenses

The agent’s fee is 2% of the property value (+ 24% VAT).

For the properties value under 50.000€, the fee is 1000€ plus the legal VAT(24%)

Yes, the procedure for non-EU citizens is the same as for EU citizens.

Restrictions apply only to non-European citizens who want to buy real estate in border areas such as the eastern Aegean, the Dodecanese, Thrace and other border regions of Northern Greece.

The removal of these restrictions is achieved by the grant of a license granted by the Ministry of National Defence following a request submitted to the appropriate committee of the Decentralized Administration in that region.

Many of your questions should focus on potential problems and maintenance issues. Also ask about the house and neighborhood, focusing on quality of life issues. Be sure the seller’s or real estate agent’s answers are clear and complete. Ask questions until you understand all of the information they’ve given. Making a list of questions ahead of time will help you organize your thoughts and arrange all of the information you receive.

Listen to your real estate agent’s advice, but follow your own instincts on deciding a fair price. Calculating your offer should involve several factors: what homes sell for in the area, the home’s condition, how long it’s been on the market, financing terms, and the seller’s situation. By the time you’re ready to make an offer, you should have a good idea of what the home is worth and what you can afford. And, be prepared for give-and-take negotiation, which is very common when buying a home. The buyer and seller in Greece may often go back and forth until they can agree on a price.

Your real estate agent will assist you in making an offer, which will include the following information:

  • Complete legal description of the property
  • Down payment and financing details
  • Proposed move-in date
  • Price you are offering
  • Proposed closing date
  • Length of time the offer is valid
  • Details of the deal

Remember that a sale commitment depends on negotiating a satisfactory contract with the seller, not just making an offer.

There isn’t a set number of houses you should see before you decide. Visit as many as it takes to find the one you like. On average, homebuyers see around 5 houses before choosing one. Just be sure to communicate often with your real estate agent about everything you’re looking for. It will help avoid wasting your time.

The two don’t really compare at all. The one advantage of renting is being generally free of most maintenance responsibilities. But by renting, you lose the chance to build equity, take advantage of tax benefits, and protect yourself against rent increases. Also, you may not be free to decorate without permission and may be at the mercy of the landlord for housing.

Owning a home has many benefits, besides many this is an investment- it will give you the freedom, stability, and security for your future.